About us.....

Jacqueline and Dinand Stegehuis
Am Kanal 12
49828 Osterwald
Tel: +49 1638772566

e-mail: vantaiynan@msn.com

We are Dinand and Jacqueline Stegehuis and started to breed since 1984.

In 1986 we have bred our first litter.
Existing from 1 male (Ah-Jentai v. Taiynan he stays with us) and 2 females,
with in it the color crème (Ah-Tarim v. Taiynan owner Menno de Jager)

Our chow's live with us in our house and move themselves rather.
We don't keep them in kennels.

We are breeding purely for our hobby and assist first we go for health and character.
And then of course beauty.

We are member of the German- and the Dutch Chow-Chow Club.
And breed according to the directive of the General Chow-Chow Club in Germany.

From time to time we have to deliver puppies to people who are arranged according to our.
Also we give a good accompaniment at purchase of a pup.